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Chemistry Resources 
by Crudass, Miss R J.
 26/08/2012 15:38
Check out the "Shared Documents" area of your Chemistry course to see the available resources. These might help if you have missed a lesson, or need to have another look over some work you are unsure of. You can, or course, always ask your...
Accessing this from home 
by Taylor, Dr P
 08/12/2010 14:19
If you are trying to access this from outside the school and cannot see course tabs above, you need to Sign In (top right of this page). Same ID and password as for computers at school.
Resources for chemistry 
by Brett, Mr D
 27/04/2010 11:11
Have a look in the "Shared Documents" area for your year group to see all the resources you can access. If you need any help please contact the Chemistry department.
Mr Brett


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Retrieving Data


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