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Beaver Challenge URL 
by McBride, Mr S
 07/11/2014 16:13 login using school username for both username and password E.g. SmithAB - use caps for start of surname and initials
Office 365 Testers! 
by Christie, Mr J
 30/04/2014 13:37
Office 365 is currently being tested by F3 pupils.
Email, files (onedrive for business) and Lync (IM and video chat) are available.
Use the 'cog' icon once you've logged...

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  Roc - music creator/editor
  Zamzar - file conversion

 Computers in History

Nellie: School Computer


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'Minority Report' style interfaces are here
How sound affects us
The Fun Theory
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Strip Generator
Scary Spider
Online Encyclopaedia of Integer Sequences
Sticky Thing
So you think the Internet is free?
Stick Man vs Animator

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Paper Plane Game
Wolfenstein 1D
Pencil Rebel
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